Web development

Content Management System (CMS)

idv digital has developed its own Content Management System (CMS) to deliver flexibility and reliability to our customers' website or portals. Our CMS is accessed via the website and and is designed to support future developments required by our clients. The system is customizable and user-friendly that does not require any techincal knowledge to manage. 
As a microsoft certified partner, our CMS is developed using the latest technologies like Asp.net, Microsoft SQL server, Jquery, HTML 5, and CSS3 for the Web Design. As for our Responsive websites we use Bootstrap frame work to ensure best quality on your mobile devices. More Details

Websites development

Is the process of conceptualizing and modeling the delivery of digital media content via websites making the navigation and user experience (UI) as user-friendly as possible. It is of extreme importance that designs support the visitor's ease of navigation in order to reach infomation required. 


This has also been supported with new technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS 3 that create responsive websites where visitors can easily access the website from both their mobiles and tablets. 


As for the ease of updating the website or mobile application, idv digital has its own Content Management System (CMS) that guarantees that website or mobile owners have the full access to add or remove information. More Details 

Hotel Portal

idv digital has been working closely with most of the local and international hotels to offer them the best solutions for their digital needs. With more than 14 years of experience in e-travel and the numberous services offered to the industry, idv digital has developed a CMS that suites all different accomomdation providers. 


We offer a dynamic and user-friendly CMS, online booking system and online payment integration. More Details

Real Estate Portal

With our continues efforts to develop solutions that would support our customer’s needs, idv digital has launched a solution for Real Estate Brokers, Developers and Agents to have both a portal and a system where they could manage their properties, market, communicate with potential customers and manage their sales people. 


Our solution is customizable to fit all needs for property managers and we have a wide range of features. More Details


One of the fastest growing online businesses are based on e-commerce. These are websites that enable companies to sell their products online offering various options of managing products, inventory and prices.


Our e-commerce system offers a wide range of sales and marketing features that allow's the website owner to increase loyalty and offer special promotions to their users. More Details


Responsive Website

The number of users that nowadays are using mobile devices to surf the web is growing at an astonishing pace. Mobile devices are usually limited by display size and require a very different approach to content and images are laid out.
Today Responsive websites are a mere necessity to have due to the numerous and growing screen sizes of mobiles, tablets, phablets, desktops and laptops in the market; so its important that your website can adapt/ respond to any screen size.
Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive websites it helps you to develop sites that look nice at any device. More Details

Flipping Book

A flip book is a software to build magazines, catalogs, brochures, reports and books. The software is used to give the feel of an actual publication by flipping through its pages. It is well designed to be viewed on all various devices as well as your website and mobile app. 
Various features are part of the software to make more user friendly and convenient to the user. These features are: Zoom, Sound, Print, Share, Save, and Navigation. More Details

Mobile Applications

We build native mobile apps for both iPhone & iPad and Android and also develop hybrid applications. Moreover, we create websites and their mobile versions to promote their responsive capabilities.


Our applications are uniquely tailored with the latest technologies and design methodologies to meet the latest trends. All our mobile apps development services are quality controlled and consistent.


What can we help you with?


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