Luxor Temple 360 VR tour

Luxor Temple 360 VR tour

Luxor has frequently been characterized as the "world's greatest open-air museum”, it has the largest memorial Temples in Egypt so idv digital as a pioneering digital agency in Egypt & Qatar produced 360 Virtual tours to convey the immersive experience of the ancient temples.

In Luxor there are several great temples on the east and west banks, the 360 VR tour featured immersive 360 VR of the major temples visited by early travelers and tourists, the tour included: Luxor temple, Ramses IIR first open court of Luxor, Sanctuary of Luxor temple, Amenhotep III second open court and Amenhotep III Hypostyle hall.
Also Karnak temple, sacred lake of karnak temple and the pylons of karnak temple.

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